Stockbridge Township


Becky Muraf

"I was just elected in November 2016, I look forward to serving the residents of Stockbridge Township. My policy as clerk has been to serve the community, treating everyone fair and equally, having all records will kept, organized and available, while doing what I feel is best for Stockbridge Township as a whole.

If someone has questions, concerns or has heard something concerning Stockbridge Township that is bothering you, please feel free to call 517-851-7658, or email I will do my best to answer your question and/ or explain something concerning Stockbridge Township.

As Clerk I am responsible for many areas concerning Stockbridge Township. Some of the areas are- Accounts Payable, budget, minutes of Stockbridge Township Board meetings, manage and maintain all records of Stockbridge Township, Stockbridge Township Insurance issues, payroll, notices that need to be published and posted concerning Stockbridge Township issues, FOIA requests, Special Use requests, ZBA requests, rezoning request and all election issues.



If you would like to receive an absentee voter ballot for an election you need to fill out an AV Application request. The form is on the form page or you can call or email me to send you a form. Once you fill out the form and sign it, you need to mail it to me or deliver it to the Stockbridge Township office during office hours. One form is required of each person, for each election they wish to receive an absentee voter ballot for.
Click here for AV Ballot Application Request 

Election Day

Polls are open from 7am to 8pm the day of each election. Everyone needs to show a photo ID before they can vote so bring one to the polling place.

Polling Location

The place where all Stockbridge Township registered voters go to vote at all elections is the Stockbridge Township Hall 125 S Clinton Street Stockbridge Michigan, upstairs.

Written Complaints

Once the form is submitted by mail, email, fax or delivering to Stockbridge Township office during office hours, the complaint will then be filed with the Stockbridge Township zoning enforcement officer. The zoning enforcement officer will investigate the complaint and decide what should happen concerning the complaint.
Click Here for Zoning Ordinance Violation Complaint Form