Stockbridge Township

About Stockbridge Township

Stockbridge was the first township to be organized in Ingham County. Mr. David Rogers was the first to build in Stockbridge. In the fall of 1833, the family decided to come to Michigan, and in 1834 located in Stockbridge. While coming from the East, they stopped in Washtenaw County and built a portable house. The following spring, it was loaded on a wagon and brought here. The ground was cleared and buildings erected and they became the first settlers in Stockbridge. Others soon followed. Mr. Rogers opened a store and sold goods to the early settlers, and also traded with Indians. At that time there were many deer, wolves, bears and other wild animals.

There is record of Chief Johnny Okemus and his band of braves in Meridian Township, and the Patawamie and Ottawa Tribes were numerous in this locality at that time. The Township was organized in November 26, 1936 and the Village platted soon after. The Town Hall was built on the square in 1892 and was completely renovated in 1979. It is the only original opera house still standing, located within an incorporated village in Michigan. The Town Square was given and deeded to the Township by Mr. Silas Beebe who lived in New York, but whose son, L.V. Beebe, was acting for him. The Town Hall houses the Ambulance headquarters and is frequently used for clinics, senior citizens outings, Lions Club meetings, bazaars, movies, concerts, plays, elections, township meetings and other miscellaneous activities.